Saft 12.1.5

Add more power to Safari


  • Provides advanced tab management
  • Bookmarking much more powerful
  • Content blocker


  • Overtaken by Glims nowadays
  • Doesn't integrate with Safari plug-ins as well as it used to
  • May contribute to Safari crashing

Not bad

For those who feel Safari is severely lacking in features compared to Firefox, Saft can help bridge the gap - if not very well at times.

Saft is a comprehensive plug-in that adds a significant number of new features to your Safari browser. Some of the most useful features added by Saft are draggable tabs, full-screen browsing, searchable bookmarks and history, URL shortcuts, kiosk mode and more. One of its best features is that it allows you to control where you want to open new tabs and specify different download folders for different items downloaded from the Net.

There's much more to the app than this though. Saft also includes a versatile content blocker, which allows you to block ads, pop-ups and Flash content, etc. It also allows you to reduce URLs to keywords so typing in 'Softonic', for example, will take you straight to the site. Bookmarking is also facilitated by allowing you to bookmarks whole groups of tabs in one go.

Many, however, feel that Saft has been left behind by the superior - and free - Glims, which allows you to do pretty much everything you can in Saft and more. Many have also found that it doesn't integrate very well with Safari anymore, and this was particularly true when Snow Leopard was released, and the Safari input architecture changed considerably.

Saft has probably seen its most useful days gone past it already but if for any reason Glims doesn't work out for you, it's a backup worth trying.

Improvement: Safari 5.0.4 support


  • Improvement: Safari 5.0.4 support


Saft 12.1.5

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